Certificazione CPIM
- BSC: 29 gennaio 2014, Milano
- MPR: 3 febbraio 2014, Milano
- DSP: 27 gennaio 2014, Milano
- ECO: 5 febbraio 2014, Milano
- SMR: 31 gennaio 2014, Milano
Certification Date: da 22 mar a 10 mag 2014

Certificazione CSCP
- 18 gennaio 2014, Milano
Certification Date: da 22 mar a 10 mag 2014



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Step one: apply for eligibility


All APICS CSCP candidates need to apply for eligibility before taking the exam. Please allow two weeks for the application process. Eligibility requirements for the APICS CSP designation are:


 the APICS CPIM, CFPIM, or CIRM; and C.P.M., CPSM, or CSM designations plus two years of related business experience*, or

 bachelor's degree or equivalent** plus two years of related business experience, or

 five years of related business experience


* Related business experience is work that directly connects to some aspect of the supply chain, including:

 raw materials extraction

 transportation and logistics






 customer service

 software design and support



 quality control

 skilled craft work (technician)

You will not qualify if you are in a clerical or administrative support position such as:

 data entry

 duplicating machine operator

 file clerk

 office machine operator


 telephone operator

 order clerk/unskilled labor position


** Equivalent of a bachelor's degree is defined as a level of study that would qualify you for a graduate program in the country where the undergraduate degree was earned.

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